Wipe your feet. Now step into the mansion of Château Choló; an urban art platform pumping out edgy West Coast flavor. At the heart of the estate, lies its political, funky and gritty urban music. The walls are decorated with hip-hop surrealism, and the glasses are always full of the most robust wines California has to offer.

The house of Château Choló was founded in 2003, as a record label imprint for music producer and rapper Gustavo Adolfo Uribe. After releasing self produced Stilo Mexico Redux and The Dummy Pop as a Cal Arts music composition student, Uribe then started a You Tube cooking show Cuisine Choló with childhood friend and chef Luis Castro, filmed by his brother Sergio Castro in Carpentaria, California.

Working at the Santa Barbara Independent newspaper as an Administrative assistant and music writer, he met surrealist artwork illustrator and music producer Isaac Welsh, son of fellow well-known reporter Nick Welsh. Welsh drew the artwork for Uribe’s debut music album Cholo 2.0 and they soon started co-producing hip-hop beats together for other rappers to lease via the Château Choló umbrella. By combining Welsh’s visuals with the music, his artwork can also be purchased as prints, posters and t-shirts.